Puzzle Fun For 3 year olds PUZZLE FUN........ FOR 3 YEAR OLDS ?

The following puzzle was brought into our workplace by an embarrased member of our IT staff, who in spite of spending alot of time, could not complete the puzzle for his young girl.

A copy of the puzzle was taken, and out of an office of about 30 staff, only one managed to complete the puzzle.

Try it for yourself to see how you get on. It's not a trick. If YOU struggle, don't worry, you're in good company. If you get all of them right, take a bow, then remind yourself that this is a puzzle for kids!

Pair the objects to make 5 bigger words! Using the ten pictures opposite, pair the objects together to make 5 bigger words

The best wrong answer to date is Tack(o)Bell

Feel free to mail your best wrong answers, or if you are really struggling, request answers by clicking here

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Paul Develter for being brave enough to admit being thick

Bob McDougall for being the only person so far to get them all right

John Tweedlie for providing us, in Latin, the one no one will get!