Mr Critty, or Ratbag as I prefer to callhim, is your postal worker from hell. Recently christened "Sick note" - has more days on the sick than a fly. Bares so much of a resemblance to Donald Sutherland that he has been asked to double for him on many occasions - though Mr Critty is reluctant to tell us which films he really has starred in.



As you can see from this 1963 photo taken by the FBI, Starry has always been on the wanted list. Known to most only as Starry-BBL, the only time she can be reached is when the rest of the world is sleeping. Recently purchased shares in her local telcom company hoping that the dividends would pay her phone bill.

Listen to Starry!!!

Marina 37

No photograph supplied indicating possibly that she is an alien, or that she is a really ugly slappa. Seems to spend most of her day in Trivia-Tavern, again acting under several aliases the most frequent being Marspist. Frequently in the top ten winners on Trivs, making one wonder how good at sibering she really is.

Watch she comes!



Redhorse is the one on the left, so we're told. She takes pride in yer popups and is well loved by all in Trivia-Tavern.Gets most of her answers from Goldie, the one on the right........or is it the one on the left?


Fresh out of Kindergarten, aceeeeeeeed chic only just makes it into the trivs hall of fame. Apparantly majoring in chemistry and SHIT HOT at the table of elephants (!), Acid's latest experiment to grow another ear is due for recognotion in the year 2000 Nobel Prize for Science. How though, did she grow those other two arms?




There are many more peeps on Trivia-Tavern and ICQ with whom I often have a bit crack with. If you are one of them and would like to submit your photograph for inclusion on this page then DCC me or mail me at

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