Mr.Critty, or Ratbag as I prefer to call him, is your postal worker from hell. Recently christened "Sick note" - has more days on the sick than a fly. Bares so much of a resemblance to Donald Sutherland that he has been asked to double for him on many occasions - though Mr Critty is reluctant to tell us which films he really has starred in. Notice the conceit in this pose?




As you can see from this 1963 photo taken by the FBI, Starry has always been on the wanted list. Known to most only as Starry-BBL, the only time she can be reached is when the rest of the world is sleeping. Recently purchased shares in her local telcom company hoping that the dividends would pay her phone bill.

After a long and drawn out custody battle, Starry,along with MrCritty finally won their case, and are now the proud Cyber Mom and Dad of lil ol me!.


Cockney Den

Cockney Den - hails from "darn Sarf" (Down South!) but made his lovenest close by to Noggin's Den. The internet's latest virgin, at the ripe old age of 70, he has already mastered the art of finding totty on the net, (something I could never do). He does however claim that he was trying to book a romantic weekend for two when he visited "Welcome to Amsterdam". Keep it up Den and send me those URL's!!!!


Trivia-Tavern's resident culinary eggspert, and is the guy responsible for one of the more irritating questions in the tavern "What is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth called? " Few of us can ever spell it never mind consider it's worth. (Is it Anoraknafobia?) Here we see him washing his mouth out during an attack of whatever that bloody word is - at least we share a common interest in beer - though I tend to drink it to get pissed! .


At last we see why it takes chezzie so long to answer some the questions in the tavern - with THAT set in the way, it's suprising she can get to the keyboard at all. Whilst she denied vociferously the rumours of a 38 DD, the Noggie spycam caught em both in action thus dispelling any arguments to the contrary. A new word therefore enters the Mackem duckshunarree - "chezzies" in "what a nice set of chezzies you have" !! .



There are many more peeps on Trivia-Tavern and ICQ with whom I often have a bit crack with. If you are one of them and would like to submit your photograph for inclusion on this page then DCC me or mail me at

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Noggin would like to thank his Cyber Pal - Critty for all the hard work and effort he has put into this site, and for the hand of friendship that has extended across the pond (the Atlantic).

{You are most welcome mate...nothing but the best for me friend...CRITTY}