Michael and Louise are Proud to announce the arrival of

Hello everyone. Well as you can see, the purpose of this page on the net, is to announce the safe arrival of Erin Bridie. After a couple of false alarms, and a great deal of pain, Louise started labour at around 11pm on the 22nd July, and after a long hard slog gave birth the following morning.

I'll go through the important details first - the one's everyone always asks about, (and which a husband rarely remembers,) and then give you a brief explanation of the names we have chosen for our second daughter. Then, hopefully by the time you have absorbed that, the pictures will have loaded into your cache and you will be able to view them at your leisure - but suffice to say that Mother and baby are doing fine!

NameErin Bridie
Sex Female
BirthplaceUniversity Hospital North Durham
Birthdate Monday 23rd July 2001
Time 10.09 am
Weight 7lbs 1oz
Colour Eyes Blue
Colour Hair Black (and plenty of it!)

ERIN Of Gaelic origin meaning Peace

BRIDIE Also of Gaelic origin meaning Strength and a derivative of Bridget

Combined, the names not only compliment each other when they roll off the tongue, but are also means of expressing our desire for her to be Peaceful in all walks of life, whilst at the same time having the strength to be an individual in her own right.

OK so now on to Erin's photo Gallery......

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Erin thanks you for being visitor number to her page

Come back again soon for more pics.